How ‘wise crowd’ competitions foster innovation

By David Court

3 min read

Competition for resources is a given in many organisations and institutions. Researchers compete for research grants, filmmakers compete for production funding, entrepreneurs compete for capital.  In all th...

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Paella dish

By David Court

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How a wise crowd differs from a committee

Choose a committee if you want answers that will satisfy the person or entity that posed the questions (formed the committee). Choose a wise crowd if you want answers that are informed, balanced – and more likely to be right than a committee’s. 

Paella dish

By Kylee Ingram + ChatGPT

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Gladwell's book Blink explores expert's snap judgments

In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell explores the science behind our snap judgments. The result is a fascinating exploration of the power of intuition and its role in decision-making. This is the way our



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